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Category: Improving your work performance

Strategies and ideas for introverts to improve their performance at work, so you unleash more of your introvert superpowers and show less of the perceived disadvantages of introversion.

How to decrapify work, considering introversion.

The importance of a team vision

Question of the week: Are introverts control freaks? Tip of the week: What drives panic buying and how does that link to introversion? You might like to also read Panic Buying and Introverts A discussion with Leon Bamforth: Leon is an award winning speaker, consultant...
How to decrapify work, considering introversion.

Public speaking and Introversion

Leadership tip: How to help introverts manage energy A discussion with Lauren Sergy: Lauren is a Public Speaking & Communication Skills Expert and we have a debate about that infamous introvert public speaking myth, as well as why Lauren thinks EVERY manager and...
How to decrapify work, considering introversion.

Introversion and shyness

Leadership tip of the week: Helping people engage in smalltalk, so you can communicate more effectively with them A discussion with : Nadia Finer. Nadia is an expert in shyness, she has written 2 books on the subject and gives shy people a voice, helping people,...

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