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    1. How leaders can improve the productivity of their teams. A third of most teams are introverts, inadvertently discouraged from performing well.
    2. How an introvert can be more confident, productive, and happily successful in business.
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Introversion and Neuroscience

Introversion and Neuroscience

Leadership tip of the week: Helping the quieter members of your team engage in small talk. Download your free guide to small talk below. A discussion with Sabrina Ahmed: Sabrina helps introverted Fintech managers achieve a guilt-free & energised life balance by...
Introversion and Neuroscience

Introversion and shyness

Leadership tip of the week: Helping people engage in smalltalk, so you can communicate more effectively with them A discussion with : Nadia Finer. Nadia is an expert in shyness, she has written 2 books on the subject and gives shy people a voice, helping people,...
Introversion and Neuroscience

The high functioning introvert

Leadership tip of the week: Understanding understatement A discussion with Chris Budd. Chris is one of the UK’s experts on employee ownership. He also writes books on money, unhappiness, employee ownership as well as novels. Contact Chris at Theeternalbusiness.com...
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