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Category: Being introverted
Being introverted is not an issue in business, the problem is worrying about being introverted and then not using your introvert superpowers. These articles are about what it feels like to be introverted and strategies to deal with the disadvantages that some people see.
How to be a happier introvert

How to be a happier introvert

Well, when I say ‘how to be a happier introvert’ I am letting off steam so you’ve been warned! In the last few weeks there has been a number of articles and blogs telling introverts that all you have to do is act like an extravert and you’ll be happier. Have you read...

Curing the introvert hangover.

Most introverts find that if they’ve been among a large group for a number of days (or even hours) they become drained and exhausted. It’s is a bit like a hangover! An introvert hangover, where you’ve over done the socialising (doesn’t always...
How to survive a conference, as an introvert

How to survive a conference, as an introvert

Conferences can be part of life, but they can be hell for introverts. The following 9 point introvert conference survival plan is not a perfect cure, but it lessens the feeling of being completely drained in a conference. One of the commonly accepted points about...

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