Your firm is probably not as productive as you would like. In a survey of over 450 business people, over 40% don’t feel they are fully productive. The vast majority of unproductive people are introverts. Further questioning reveals it’s largely due to how they’re managed and the culture in the firm they work for.

Company cultures are generally designed for extroverts and measure success in an extrovert manner. The result, your firm may not be as productive as you want.

Improving your team’s productivity.

Step 1 – get a better understanding of the differences between introverts and extroverts, their preferred communication and working styles. This understanding alone will allow you to make small changes. This website has a range of ideas about introverts and different working patterns that could help.

Step 2 – One of the largest problem areas is internal meetings. This is made harder in the post pandemic remote/ hybrid meeting world.  You might like to read running meetings that make things happen, written and published as a result of the research.

Step 3 – Let’s talk about your team and your issues, to create a solution for you. Call 0203 488 6739

Getting help, for your business.

Let’s talk about unlocking more productivity in your firm. Improving your firm’s productivity though better awareness isn’t costly, it’s effective. There are several ways I work with leaders and their staff.

Your company conference

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A keynote presentation at your company conference (virtual, or face to face) will energise, inspire and focus your company on changing the way they understand each other and work together.

All your team (introvert & extrovert) are needed for success.


Senior team workshop

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A series of workshops with members of your senior team to highlight the issue, adapt skills and create a programme for change with suitable metrics so you know it’s working.

Workshops work well remotely on your choice to software, or face to face.

Leaderships skills programme.

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A series of workshops with the developing leaders in your business will allow results to develop quickly and sustainably.

These workshops work well remotely on Zoom, Teams (or your choice of software) and face to face.

Let’s talk.

Email, complete the contact form, or click here to immediately book a mutually convenient time in our diaries; I look forward to our conversation.

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How does diversity fit into this?

Many of the business benefits of diversity come from more diverse thinking. Better thinking leads to more resilient solutions and being able to handle clients more productively, creatively and profitably. Diversity is not just about gender, sexuality, race etc. Ultimately the business benefit of diversity is about diversity of thought.

Many companies have spent a lot of money to improve diversity, trying to build a more diverse workforce. Yet most companies are managed in a way that rewards extroverts and leaves introverts thinking it’s best to stay quiet. Typical introverts think in a different way to extroverts. They’re motivated and engaged differently. If you want your WHOLE team engaged, it’s time to Activate Your Introverts.

Some more ideas, before you go

Introversion and recruitment

Introversion and recruitment

Recruitment is often biased towards extroverts, meaning you could be missing out on some of your best candidates. In this episode of Activate Your Introvert Carey Curry, the introverted recruiter explains why and what you could do about it.

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How to recruit introverts

How to recruit introverts

Introverts form a third to a half of the population and many selection processes put them at a disadvantage. A disadvantage not because they can’t do the job, but because many recruiters are subconsciously biased in their search. Recruiting the best person for your role is not about introversion or extroversion, but the competencies and team fit that you need.

Planning in more detail before even advertising the role allows you to write the advert more effectively, get a better pool of candidates and prepare better questions which are more likely to find you the person you need. The way you run the interview could also make it easier for extroverts to shine over introverts. Being more structured in your interview will allow you to dig deeper into the skills you seek, and reduce your subconscious (extrovert) bias. Making your decisions after the interviews, in a structured manner will allow you to select the best person.

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Introversion and hybrid working

Introversion and hybrid working

Hybrid working: The debate goes on about whether it works, or not. Is anybody asking, how to design it for introverts and extroverts? Lorna Helps is the guest in this episode of Activate Your Introvert and she specialises in helping CEOs set up hybrid working.

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