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GA LogoIt was great to “meet you” at the General assembly on Feb 18th. We discussed HOW HYBRID WORKING CHANGES LEADERSHIP and the important issues of unlocking the talents of your quieter team members in order to improve hybrid working. 

There’s a hidden productivity gap when teams work face to face, and it’s even worse in hybrid working. It’s caused by an overlap between internal communications, company culture and not fully understanding the needs of the whole team. How are you going to fix your hidden productivity gap?

Hybrid working checklist

Download your hybrid working checklist here

How can you fix the hidden productivity gap?

  • Step 1: Unhide it. Be aware of what introversion means and how to get better engagement from the introverts in your team
  • Step 2: Note the main places where you think there’s a communication/ culture issue for introverts
  • Step 3: Work on ways to improve those issues. There’s some ideas at the bottom of this page.

Unlocking the power of your quieter team members

Download your 3 page guide to the main themes of my presentation on unlocking the power of your quieter team members, click here.

The four STEP process for improving communications in your team

The 4 step process is one I referred to in the presentation, it will help you to improve communications and results in your team. Download STEP guide, by clicking here.

Your team meetings

Meetings are a place where this overlap is more evident than anywhere else. Let’s be honest you’ve not met many people who think meetings are a superb use of time, and that’s before you consider things from an introvert perspective.

As you’re a guest of General Assembly and want ideas on how to run meetings that make things happen, you can get an free electronic copy of my latest book. Just complete your details below and I’ll email it back to you.

A little about Jon Baker

My focus is always helping you to take action, rather than learn the details of a complex theory and writing down 57 great ideas you’ll probably never implement.

I set up Introvert in Business as a result of coaching many business owners and Accountants to get dramatic growth in their businesses and realising many of my clients were introverts.

Many people who know me don’t believe that I am introverted. I’ve learned behaviours to overcome some of the disadvantages of introversion, as have many of my clients and people I’ve interviewed.

When not helping businesses I spend as much time as possible underwater, skiing or hiking. So my life is full of odd situations that i use in my presentations.

Books I’ve written

I’ve written three books to help you improve your business. Click on them for more details.

Introvert scuba diving with a turtle
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