There are many perceptions of what an introvert is/ does/ how they act, most are wrong (and negative). The articles on this page are about those perceptions,  what tactics can you use and how can you improve yourself whilst still being you? Scroll down for articles about introversion, just past a couple of ads.

Being introverted means you may be quieter, but it doesn’t mean you have to be any less successful in business. You can be quietly successful and be more effective at work, despite the extrovert bias that exists in the business world.

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Articles about being quietly successful.

I hope that you find some of (or all of) these articles interesting. I know they work as they’ve come from many of the research interviews I complete about introversion every month, or because I’ve helped people implement them.

To be successful don’t try to being introverted, but be brilliant at being who you are. When you harness your introvert super-powers and “deal with” some of the “issues”  that some people perceive you can be successful on your terms. Don’t try to be extroverted, be the best you possible.

The articles headed “Activate Your Introvert” are recordings of my weekly shows, everything else is in writing.

The futility of happiness scores

The futility of happiness scores

In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph staff in Downing Street have accused Boris Johnson’s new top team of “patronising them” by installing so-called ‘happy machines’ around No 10 to monitor how aides are feeling. Are such measures futile or worthwhile when it comes to improving workplace...

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Introversion, online learning and developing yourself

Community building and Introversion

How to market yourself without being pushy – that applies whether you’re employed, or self-employed; as I've had many requests on the subject. How to build a community and why some people don’t like the trendy thing about tribe building – which is many introverts A discussion with Denise Fay:...

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Introversion, online learning and developing yourself

Getting better at being interviewed

Saying it right. I used to get frustrated when people spelt my name wrong (there’s no H in Jon), but imagine when most of the world keeps pronouncing your capital city wrongly. One tiny way we can respectfully stand up for Ukraine. A discussion with Cait Saunders: Cait is the communications and...

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Introversion, online learning and developing yourself

Decrapify work, the introvert way.

Leadership tip of the week: Being authentic, why wouldn't you, but then.... A discussion with Colin Newlyn: Colin’s a popular guest on the show and is on a mission to decrapify work. Contact Colin at Question of the week: How do you spot an introvert? This week is an...

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Introversion, online learning and developing yourself

Can introverts make good negotiators?

Leadership tip of the week: Beware of your ego. A discussion with Derek Arden: Derek is a Negotiation Expert, speaker and best Selling Author, in fact say he’s written 12 books. We recently started talking about perceived (or real) connections between introversion and negotiation, and his poll on...

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