Research into introverts

Research into introverts

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I would love to hear your views on what it is:

  • to be an introvert
  • to succeed as an introvert
  • to work with introverts
  • what has worked well for you, as an introvert in business
  • what issues you’ve had managing introverts and how you’ve overcome them

Please help.

I would really appreciate three minutes of your time to understand your views of extroversion, introversion and how (if?) they affect performance in business. 

What are your views? Take the 3 minute survey.

Introvert book

The purpose of the research it to create an introvert book that will be written to help improve business performance by helping introverts improve their performance and helping extroverted leaders work with introverts more effectively. I know “introvert book” isn’t an exciting title, but that has yet to be released, so watch this space…..

If you want a copy of the text, please contact me