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What is an introvert and how can an introvert improve their performance in business. Introvert in business explores these themes and suggests tips that have helped many introverts in business.

Derivation of the word introvert

Derivation of the word introvert

OK, so we know what an introvert is (well, I hope we do – but see later!). What interested me is where the word comes from (maybe that’s me being introverted and geeky?). I kept thinking intro (into) and vert (green), but I didn’t really think...
Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Most introverts hate small talk, preferring deeper “more meaningful” conversations. Some introverts feel uncomfortable at the very thought of joining in with small talk, others avoid it. Here’s 8 tips to survive small talk hell, and why introverts don’t like it in the...

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