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Introvert In BusinessSubscribe to this weekly 20 minute podcast relating to introverts in business, exploring:

  1. How an introvert can be more confident, productive and happily successful in business.
  2. How (and why) leaders can unlock the productivity of their teams, where a third are introverts they are discouraging from performing.

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Whether you run your own business, work in somebody else’s, or just need to get your ideas across to others, you do need to “sell”. Yet many people, especially introverts, hate the idea of selling. This week’s interview will help you to sell more, more comfortably.

This week’s podcast interview is with Ben Kench, author of “selling for dummies“. Ben has some great ideas on how you can improve your selling skills, as an introvert.

Ben’s website is

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Being and introvert AND a leader (podcast)

Being and introvert AND a leader (podcast)

You can be an introvert, and a successful business leader. This week’s episode features R. Michael Anderson, who has built and sold his own tech companies and now trains leaders in places like Microsoft. Yet Michael is an introvert, here’s some of the...
Introverts and managing change (podcast)

Introverts and managing change (podcast)

 This episode looks at change and the management of it, in an interview with Adrienne Gibson of The Heart of Transformation. Activate Your Introvert This is part of a weekly podcast for introverts and those who manage or lead introverts. The series examines, by...
Business development for introverts (podcast)

Business development for introverts (podcast)

This episode looks at how introverts can get better at business development, in an interview with Mark Lee who has helped hundreds of Accounting firms to grow (and if somebody can help all those Accountants, he has ideas to help you). Activate Your Introvert This is...