BE Introverted, confident and successful.

Being introverted is not a barrier to being confident, the ‘confident introvert business‘ programme will help you improve your confidence.

Learn how to stop ticking these boxes.

How often are you:
Hiding at the back of networking meetings

Your normal position in networking meetings is at the back, pretending to be busy, so you don’t have to talk to many people? When you know somebody there you stick with them the whole time, so it doesn’t look as if you don’t have any friends?

Backing down during difficult conversations.
Do you find yourself backing down in conversation; negotiating to avoid conflict and would rather avoid difficult conversations than express yourself honestly?
Let staff get away with things they shouldn't?

You don’t challenge your staff to do all the things they should and as a result end up doing more of the work yourself? Do you find yourself saying things like:

“It’ll just end up in a difficult conversation”

“It’s quicker for me to do it”

“It’s done properly if I do it”

“I don’t have the energy to have that discussion”

Always pricing too low?

Do you know that you price too low or dropping your prices when selling your services, perhaps finding justifications like:

“She won’t use me if I charge as much as I should?”

“They’ll look down on me and gossip if I charge too much”

Taking constructive criticism too personally

You hold back (just about) the anger, or tears, after being given some constructive criticism about your performance? Instead of taking criticism objectively, you react emotionally and try hard to hide it.

Not speaking up in meetings

In meetings you don’t say what you wanted to say, and then the subject moves on – so it doesn’t get said.

Left blank
Fretting about your networking ‘elevator pitch’

You constantly worry about telling people what you do at networking meetings and other gatherings?

Comparing yourself with others

Do you pay extra attention to those you think are more successful than you, and let your self-worth drop as a result? Instead of focusing on your journey you normally look at everyone else’s apparent results (and how annoying that they’re not even as good as you).

Afraid to contribute your opinion

Do you second guess what you want to say before you say it, instead of diving into conversations without a thought and then find yourself engaging in negative self-talk?

Checking your phone while alone in social situations
Do you find it hard to sit still in social situations with few (or no) friends, and often checking your phone to appear more socially connected?
Uncomfortable taking compliments

Do you normally deflect when someone pays you a genuine compliment, rather than graciously accepting the compliment?

Feeling like an impostor

Do you get that feeling of being discovered a fraud, telling yourself you’re not as smart or capable as you appear to be on the surface? Impostor syndrome” is when you’re often asking yourself things like:

“What are you doing here?”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“You’re going to be found out.”

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