Introvert in Business

Tackling the 33% productivity gap
caused by ignorance of introversion

Introvert in Business

As an introvert in business you’re told you need to be “out there”, doing things that don’t feel “like you”. Does it feel like the business world is designed for extroverts? Some people look completely natural with those behaviours and others, especially introverts, struggle.

Not just support for introverts.

As a leader you have realised that you need to support the introverts in your team, or risk losing productivity. It can be really hard for an extrovert leader to manage introverts, unless they understand introversion. That’s why this site offers support for leaders who know they’re holding back the performance of the introverts in their business.

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Want to close your productivity gap?

You lead a large organisation and need to improve productivity, sustainability and profitability.

In many firms there is a 33% productivity gap, due to ignorance of introverts. It’s bad enough that this affects productivity and profitability, but it also affects sustainability of your results. If you’re concerned it could be true in your firm, it’s time to act. Click to read more about the productivity gap.

Frustrated business owner

Traditional approaches to growing your business haven’t worked. You’re an introvert needing to grow in a way that’s true to you, not the world around you.

Struggling in your career?

Getting overlooked at work, career development going to the “louder” people? Change your approach, use your introvert superpowers, win on your terms.

Networking, not working?

Networking trumps other business growth methods and sounds simple, “just get out there”; but it’s predicated on being an extrovert. Want a different approach?

Struggling to manage your team?

Your business is been doing well, but  you’re finding it tiring now you’ve got a team around you? Don’t feel like “a leader”, but you’re really good at what you do?

Business behaviours

Some behaviours seem to be expected in the business world, for example:

  • Growing your business means being outgoing, chatting, enjoying being with people, selling to a room full of strangers, being life and soul of the (business) party. Are these the only way to network, grow your business and convince people that you can do the job for them?
  • Having people work for you means enjoying small talk with them, being ‘inspirational’ (often confused with charismatic, being life and soul of the office, being comfortable dismissing people or telling them what to do)
  • Going to conferences – let’s not get started on the expectations that you’re meant to love being surrounded by all these happy energetic people, while you learn from them, network with them, develop relationships with them, and like being surrounded by people for three days solid!

As an introvert, these things can be hard, but help is available.

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I would really appreciate three minutes of your time to understand your views of extroversion, introversion and how (if?) they affect performance in business. 

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The strategies and ideas in this website are built on what has worked for others, so please take time to complete the research.

Introverts can be successful in business.

Sometimes we need to approach things differently, 
Sometimes new skills help.

The stress, the noise and the fear don’t have to be there.

Introverts have skills to help them be better and succeed on their own terms.

Understanding introversion will improve your performance.

Good teams are made up of introverts, extroverts and everybody in between.  You need to influence, manage and lead them all.

Extrovert needing to manage introverts?

Unless you understand introverts and structure things to allow them to flourish

you could be wasting a third of your workforce’s productivity.

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