Leaders can manage introverts better and boost productivity by understanding introversion

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Non-introverted leader

You lead others and want to improve productivity, sustainability and profitability.

Ignorance of introversion causes a  a 33% productivity gap in many firms. It’s bad enough this affects productivity and profitability, but it also affects sustainability of your results. If you’re concerned it could be true in your firm, it’s time to act.

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Introvert in business.

You’re an introvert in business, wanting to improve performance or better at working with your team. Perhaps you’re getting overlooked at work with business going to the “louder” people?

You’ve tried the traditional approaches to business growth, but want to grow in a way that’s true to you.

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and win on your terms.

Extrovert managing introverts?

Unless you understand introverts and structure things to to help them flourish, you could be wasting a third of your workforce’s productivity.

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Introvert in Business

Expectations you didn't sign up for?

Business growth = outgoing & chatty?

Networking with a room of strangers?

Always being expected to be ‘inspirational’?

Conferences = surrounded by happy energetic people for 3 days?

As an introvert these things can be hard, but help is available.

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