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The following information is to help event organisers. If you have any questions on the contents, please contact me. For more examples of my work and what I speak on, please click here

If you want your audience to increase productivity, diversity and results in your firm, I can help you.

It’s important to engage all staff, introvert and extrovert; yet my research (survey of over 300 business people) shows that in many firms a third are not fully productive.

That’s the introvert productivity gap and I help leaders to fix it. It’s made worse as many firms spend more time in virtual meetings, believing the myth that introverts like working virtually.

My guarantee

Your event has to run smoothly and your audience need to be impressed. What’s more, you don’t want any issues cropping up on the day. Here’s how I guarantee to help:

  1. Your audience will get an immediate take-away, which is valuable to them.
  2. You’ll get a presentation that entertains, and informs your audience.
  3. The presentation will be tailored to your audience and your business needs, including examples relevant to them.
  4. I will arrive in time to complete all equipment checks, so I can network with members of your audience beforehand and learn even more about their needs. In fact, I’ll be there earlier than that!
  5. I will stick to the time you’ve allotted. Your audience don’t appreciate over-runs, so I don’t run over my time slot.

Images for your publicity material

You are welcome to use any of the following images for publicity of the event, click an image to download it.

Jon Baker presenting Activate Your Introvert

“Jon and I worked together on a virtual talk at Future Frame 2020 and he was a fantastic addition to the keynote speakers. His talk was very informative and touched on issues that not too many leaders think about.

What I loved about Jon’s virtual keynote speech was the tone he set and the knowledge that he had regarding the introvert team members. His talk was very insightful and he gave great tips on how leaders can bring out the best of every team member.
He was really good at the way he presented the information. Very understandable and with actionable suggestions.
Our audience feedback was very positive and Jon managed to answer many questions asked by members of the audience.”

Marian Kanev, Chief Marketing Officer, Interplast 

I can also present on stage

Standard introduction

A PDF copy of my standard introduction for MC’s is downloadable here. I will, of course, adapt it if appropriate for your event.

Jon Baker, bio

A 50 word and 100 word biography are downloadable here.

Other questions, or information?

If you have other questions or there’s other information you require, please contact me:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07803 082 724
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