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Fed up of being overlooked for people who don’t do as good a job?
Tired of being expected to act in ways that don’t suit your personality?
Keep getting “advice” that doesn’t work for you?

It’s time to work with a business coach for introverted business owners, improve your business, in the way that works for you. Learn tactics to thrive as an introvert and understand that success is how you define it, not how others (typically extroverts) define it for you! Which box most represents you? Click it for more information.

Leading your team

As a successful business person you’ve developed your business, maybe it’s got harder as your team has grown?

Being a leader and an introvert not way incompatible, although it might feel like it at the moment.

Click to read how coaching can help you become more comfortable and effective as a leader (oh, you’ll probably end up more profitable too!).

Growing your business

Growing your business can feel hard as an introvert. The business world is biased towards extroverts. Growing your business by acting like an extrovert, can feel hard.

There is a better way, so you can feel more comfortable and grow your business in a way that’s more “you”.

Coaching for introverts can help you grow your business, profitably, click here.


Going into a room (or zoom) teeming with people, to get business is hard – especially for an introvert. Introverts tend to be happier in groups of people they know, away from the ego waving in many networking meetings.

Discover the Ninja Networking programme, learn about networking for introverts and how they network successfully and more easily.

How introverts grow in business

67% of introverted business owners feel they are at a disadvantage compared to their more extroverted competitors. Introverts grow in business by developing their strengths, rather than focusing on activities which extroverts are naturally good at. There are tactics which will help you improve your networking and business development without feeling completely inauthentic.

Coaching for introverts can help you if you feel that…..

Networking is painful and unproductive?
Business growth is tortuous as you’d rather get on with the job?
You’ve been called too thoughtful (or quiet)?
Leading your team is too much effort?
You’re not alone!

There’s a huge upside to being introverted, we will spend time on your strengths, rather than making you do things think you should.

Coaching introverted business owners

Selling, networking and leading a team are seen by many as best suited to extroverts, but that’s NOT THE WAY IT NEEDS TO BE! The “normal” remedy is to tell you to “just get out there” (or similar). I have been coaching business owners for 30 years and know that trying to get somebody to behave in a way that’s not natural for them doesn’t produce the best results (if any). As an an introvert coach I focus on coaching introverted business owners.

If you’re ready to improve your business performance, without being told to act like an extrovert, it’s time to start.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive: Even though I haven’t actually completed all my actions yet, just having them in my mind has led to me working smarter – without really noticing. We’ve also been looking at business road maps, planning into the future. Just physically creating the map has shown me that I’m trying to cram far too much in, and so the whole process has been invaluable in helping me streamline and simplify the business, and achieve more as a result. I can thoroughly recommend Jon. He has a rare talent for coaching business owners to success.

Angela Sherman

Business coaching for introverts

Join a business development coaching programme for introverted business owners, not one that repeats “advice” given to extroverted business owners. This coaching programme will help you:

  • Maximise your strengths
  • Create selling strategies suitable to you, as an introvert
  • Improve your networking, by using techniques suitable for an introvert. Stop trying to network like an extrovert.
  • Improve the way you lead your team, so you create the space for them to do what they’re best at doing, without them expecting you to act as an extrovert.
  • Increase your profit

This programme has been designed with the needs of owner managed businesses in mind, so you can get the results you want, not the results that an extroverted consultant has convinced you that you should achieve.

Jon has a superb balance of being challenging and encouraging at the same time. He can bring the best out of the individuals he’s coaching and enable them to get the best out of their teams. I’m delighted to recommend Jon as a superb coach.

Micheal Beale

Coaching is normally via zoom, although face to face coaching can be arranged.

If you’re ready to start, or have a few questions, please complete the form below, email, or phone me for more details.

The introvert coach, let's chat.

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Jon is astute businessman with keen sense of the bigger picture, he is able to provide an objective perspective and not afraid to tackle the head on sensitive issues; his directness is refreshing!


Sharon French

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