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The survey is not just for introverts, it’s about perception and business.
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What makes you say you’re an introvert

What’s it like to work as an introvert

What has worked well for you, as an introvert in business

What are the great things about being introverted


Middle of the road?

what’s life like in between

how do you perceive introverts

how do you perceive extroverts

do you have the best of both worlds


what makes you believe you’re an extrovert

what it’s like to work with introverts

issues you’ve had managing introverts and how you’ve overcome them

Where’s the information going?

The purpose of the research it to write a book to improve business performance. It is being written to help introverts improve their performance and helping leaders (extroverted, or not) work with introverts more effectively.

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Please take 3 minutes and complete this short survey. It’s not just for introverts, it’s about your perceptions and business. Understanding your views will be very helpful to me.

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