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As a leader you are concerned about productivity and good solutions to problems (accepting they occur from time to time). Having surveyed over 300 business people I know that a third of them feel they are not fully productive. That’s a third of your workforce are not fully productive, that’s the introvert productivity gap and it’s probably your fault. The common reason is that these people are at the introvert end of the introvert/ extrovert spectrum and their leaders (and/ or the company culture they work in) is designed for extroverts and measures success in an extrovert manner. The result, you’re not as productive as you should be.

What about Diversity?

Many companies have spent a lot of money to increase diversity, in attempt to have a more diverse workforce. The real benefit of a more diverse workforce is a diversity of thinking. Yet most companies are run in a way that rewards extroverts and leaves introverts thinking it’s best to stay quiet. Typical introverts think in a different way to extroverts, so you’ve just destroyed diversity of thinking in your firm.

How to engage introverts.

This first part of the problem is getting a better understanding of the differences,  then starting to change some of key points in the firm where your teams decide on an take action. This website is all about how to get more from the introverts in your business and has many examples of how to engage introverts.

Getting help, for your business.

There are several ways I work with leaders and their staff and would love the opportunity to talk to you about unlocking productivity in your firm.

Your company conference

A keynote presentation at your company conference will energise, inspire and get your company focused on changing the results your company gets from introverts. All of your team (introvert and extrovert) are needed for success, this keynote will give you a big step in the right direction. 

Senior team workshop

A series of workshops with members of your senior team to highlight the issue, adapt skills and (more importantly) create a programme for change with suitable metrics so you know it’s working.

Leaderships skills programme.

A series of workshops with the developing leaders in your business will allow results to develop quickly and sustainably. 

Let’s talk.

 Email, complete the contact form, or click here to immediately book a mutually convenient time in our diaries; I look forward to the conversation.

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Some more ideas, before you go

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