I’m Jon Baker, founder of Introvert In Business. This website is full of articles to help you increase productivity from your whole team, but this page is about how I could help you.

I support leaders and business owners to improve productivity by getting more from their whole team. My focus is often on helping leaders understand introverts as that’s where the biggest gap exists. But if you’d like to talk to me about improving your business, I’d love to talk. Please call on on 0203 488 6739

Ways I could help your business.

Improving your firm's productivity though better awareness and understanding of introversion isn't costly, it's effective. There are several ways I work with leaders and their staff. Let's talk about how I could help you and your team.

Your company conference

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A keynote presentation at your company conference (virtual, or face to face) will energise, inspire and focus your company on changing the way they understand each other and work together.

All your team (introvert & extrovert) are needed for success.


Senior team workshop

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A series of workshops with members of your senior team to highlight the issue, adapt skills and create a programme for change with suitable metrics so you know it's working.

Workshops work well remotely on your choice of software, or face to face.

Leaderships skills programme.

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A series of workshops with the developing leaders in your business will allow results to develop quickly and sustainably.

These workshops work well remotely on Zoom, Teams (or your choice of software) and face to face.

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