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If you want your audience to be understand how to increase productivity, diversity and results in your firm, I could help you.

Actions smash great ideas

My focus is always on getting your audience to take action, than learn the details of a complex theory, writing down 57 great ideas in the process.

I’ve had so many additional comments from candidates that attended your presentation that I felt it only right that I should let you know just how well it went down with them. Your absolute professionalism, genuine enthusiasm and motivation was encouraging to many as was the succinct way it was delivered. Additionally the top scores that you received from ALL the attendees endorses that high regard and you are to be congratulated on your achievement.

Heather Pedder

Business Development Manager , Basepoint Innovation Centre

Popular presentations

These three popular presentations work as a:

  • 45 minute keynote to inspire and get your audience thinking,
  •  workshop to get your audience into action on resolving their productivity issues

Tackling the 33% productivity gap in your firm

Nobody would consciously destroy a third of their firm’s productivity, but many do it unconsciously. This research-based presentation will uncover what’s creating the 33% productivity gap in many firms and share tips on how to close it it.

As a result you will get greater creativity, diversity, productivity and a better business.

Target: Leaders and Managers

Networking, like a Ninja

Networking helps grow your business and increase your profile, supposedly! Yet 40% of business people report it as a soul destroying waste of time. What’s the gap, why is it going wrong and how can you do something about it?

A different approach and great fun, challenging, presentation which makes people think differently” Chris Ives – Regional Leader 4Networking

Target: Business Owners

Unleash your intropreneur

You do have team members that are probably quieter and find group settings more tiring. More importantly 67% of the introverts I’ve surveyed believe they’re at a disadvantage in business.

This presentation will help them understand their strengths, stop worrying about their perceived disadvantages and unleash the intropreneur within themselves.

Target: Introverted Leaders

The Professional Speaking Association

Not only is Jon is a member of the professional speaking association, he has just stepped down from being President of the London region. The PSA a professional body for those engaged in speaking. Jon is also a member of the Global Speakers Federation.  You can be sure that you’re in safe, professional hands when you book Jon to speak at your event.

Business Development and sales

Having helped business owners to grow their firms for many years Jon also speaks on business growth and sales, especially from the perspective of the introverts in your business and firms wanting to develop their expertise in a niche (Jon is co-author of “The GoTo Expert” and author of “Ninja Networking”)

Great presentation, I love the way you delivered brilliant business tips into an interactive session, with a fascinating story to keep everybody hooked.” 

Neal Parmar


If someone is going to help you to be a Go To Expert, then they need to have carved their own niche and that is exactly what Jon has done. I saw him speak and his content has great stories that are memorable, but actually the steps are not rocket science, they make perfect sense.
There’s the right amount of systematisation, common sense and structure to make things happen if you implement the tools. Great delivery and full of stories I could listen to all day!

Michelle Mills-Porter

The People Reader

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“I have had the pleasure of attending a number of Jon’s presentations, he is a very engaging speaker with a relaxed style that puts his audience at ease. One of his greatest skills is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the event, often in a practical way so that everyone leaves with the feeling they have not only learned a new skill, but made a positive contribution.” 

David Bridge

Bray Solutions

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The way we work has been changing for the last few years. I suspect that when we look back we will realise that covid and lockdown merely accelerated many of those trends. So this week's podcast is not really about now, but is all about aspects of future working.

More remote working affects both introverts and extroverts, but it can affect them differently. This week's episode looks at some of the challenges and gives tips on dealing with them.


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I attended a seminar organised by ACCA at Milton Keynes, Jon is a very good speaker on the importance and effectiveness of networking.

Jahangir Alam