Hi, I’m Jon. I set up Introvert in Business after coaching leaders, business owners and Accountants to get dramatic growth in their businesses. However, I realised something was still missing.

Many introverts don’t just want to grow the business, they want to grow it in an “introvert way” and taking into account their definition of success (and we all have different definitions of success). I’d love to understand what success is, in your terms, and help you achieve it.

Many people who know me don’t believe that I’m introverted. I have learned behaviours to overcome some of the disadvantages of introversion and helped many others to do the same.

I’d love to speak

Contact me, or complete the form, if you:

  • are interested in me speaking at an event you are running
  • would like help to improve your performance in business
  • want help to get more value from the introverts in your business
  • would like to discuss research into introvert in business
  • just want to talk about introversion

I look forward to hearing from you.

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