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Being introverted means you may be quieter, but you don’t have to be any less successful in business. You can be quietly successful and be more effective at work.

There are many perceptions of what an introvert is/ does/ how they act, most of them are completely wrong (and negative). What are those perceptions,  what tactics can you use  and how can you improve yourself whilst still being you? Scroll down for articles about introversion. Just don’t try to behave like an extrovert and feel icky.

Ideas to be quietly successful

What support is best for you?  Click on a circle or scroll down to for ideas about introversion and being quietly successful.

Coaching for introverts

Unlock your potential. Coaching to support introverted business owners. Discover more….

Activate Your Introvert

A weekly radio show about introversion and being a better you.
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Introvert introversial

Join in with the introvert discussions, by introverts, for introverts. Discover more….

How do I become quietly successful?

The biggest tip for any introvert who wants to be more successful, is to focus on being yourself and using your strengths. As you’re an introvert, that implies you’ll be quietly successful.

That’s a hard question, as it depends on what success means to you. This website has a number of ideas that can help you though, from improving your small talk skills, networking or helping you understand introversion, scroll down to start reading.

I can also work with you to help you on a regular basis if you’re looking to develop your business.

One other thing that might help is to join the quietly successful community (it’s a community, not a “tribe”). We’re holding a series of quietly successful discussions called introvert introversial (click for more details).

Finally, download your 5 point checklist by completing the box below.

Articles about being quietly successful.

Here’s a selection of articles that you may find useful.

Not because you want to stop being introverted, but because you want to be brilliant at being who you are, harness introvert super-powers and “deal with” some of the issues relating to extrovert strengths.

But do consider the quick advert first, download your free guide to being quietly successful.

Personal Growth

Introverts – stop saying sorry!

OK, let me finish the sentence, there are many places where it’s wrong to say sorry. In fact it’s a really bad habit and one I’ve noticed that many introverts have. There are, of course, times when it's right to apologise, but you do yourself a disservice by...

Stop apologising, stay silent
Personal Growth

Self esteem, confidence and introversion

Introvert myth of the week: Introverts can't sell Tip of the week - Developing confidence in your team And a discussion with Vie Portland Vie Portland runs a Community Interest Company that teaches self esteem and confidence workshops to children and young people....

Remote team meeting
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