Being introverted means you may be quieter, but it doesn’t mean you have to be any less successful in business. You can be quietly successful and be more effective at work, despite an extrovert bias that seems to exist in the business world.

There are many perceptions of what an introvert is/ does/ how they act, most are wrong (and negative). The articles on this page are about those perceptions,  what tactics can you use and how can you improve yourself whilst still being you? Scroll down for articles about introversion. .

Ideas to be quietly successful

As well as the free ideas on this page, this site offers support for introverts in business. What support is best for you? 

Coaching for introverts

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Activate Your Introvert

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Introvert introversial

Join in with the introvert discussions, by introverts, for introverts. Discover more….

How to become quietly successful?

The biggest tip I’ve taken from interviewing many successful introverts, is that if you’re introverted to be yourself and use your strengths; don’t try to be like an extrovert. As you’re an introvert, that implies you’ll be quietly successful. 

Articles about being quietly successful.

Here’s a selection of articles that you may find useful.

They’re not useful because you want to stop being introverted, but because you want to be brilliant at being who you are, harness your introvert super-powers and “deal with” some of the issues relating to extrovert strengths.

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