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Introvert In BusinessSubscribe to this weekly 20 minute podcast relating to introverts in business, exploring:

  1. How an introvert can be more confident, productive and happily successful in business.
  2. How (and why) leaders can unlock the productivity of their teams, where a third are introverts they are discouraging from performing.

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Latest episode

The way we work has been changing for the last few years. I suspect that when we look back we will realise that covid and lockdown merely accelerated many of those trends. So this week's podcast is not really about now, but is all about aspects of future working.

More remote working affects both introverts and extroverts, but it can affect them differently. This week's episode looks at some of the challenges and gives tips on dealing with them.

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Drowning in social noise? (podcast)

Drowning in social noise? (podcast)

Is it only me who thinks that social media has become really NOISY since we went into #lockdown? This week’s episode explores some of the social noise and what an intropreneur might do to be heard above it. Many introverts don’t like lots of noise and...
Drowning in social noise? (podcast)

How to improve your remote team meetings (podcast)

Remote team meetings are an increasing part of business life, but during (and after) the Corona virus pandemic there’s more need for them. It’s hard to get introverts to contribute and extroverts to keep quiet when you’re face to face, let alone...
Drowning in social noise? (podcast)

Magic for introverts (podcast)

Have you ever looked at somebody else and wished you could be more like that, only to then think “but I’m an introvert”? This week’s guest is MagicSingh, an international magician, who is also an introvert. Find out how Amardeep Singh used...
Drowning in social noise? (podcast)

Making an impact at work (podcast)

 Are you the sort of person that does a great job and feels frustrated when others (whose work is no better than yours) always get chosen for those dream project? If so it might be time to consider the impact you make. This week’s guest is Susan Heaton-Wright,...