This website is to help you to improve your business by understanding introversion. Which of the following is more appropriate to you?


You want to improve how you manage the introverts in your team, to improve productivity. Click here.


Introverted and looking to understand more about introversion, to improve your career or business? Click here.

Your team....

Don’t all join in?

Not fully engaged?

Don’t speak up?

They may be introverts who aren’t fully effective because of the communication and culture around them. This site helps leaders understand introversion to get more from their business.

Many leaders don’t understand introversion, so they don’t get full productivity from their whole team.

This site can help you – click here

Are you fed up of...

Feeling uncomfortable?

Being told to “speak up”

Not getting the promotion you deserve?

Introverts may struggle to be fully effective because they feel they’re supposed to act in certain ways, which are uncomfortable for them.

Introverts in business often struggle in a business model that favours extroversion. This site has sections devoted to helping introverts improve their skills and do better in business.

This site can help you, click here.

About Jon Baker

I set up Introvert in business as a result of coaching many business owners and Accountants to get dramatic growth in their businesses and realising many of my clients were introverts.

Many people who know me don’t believe that I am introverted. I’ve learned behaviours to overcome some of the disadvantages of introversion, as have many of my clients and people I’ve interviewed.

Introverts can struggle with several different aspects to running a business than extroverts. Just as extroverts (stereo-typically) struggle with other aspects.

Professional speaker

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Books I’ve written

I’ve written three books to help you improve your business. Click on them for more details.

Ninja Networking book
GoTo Expert book and Kindle

Activate Your Introvert

"Activate your Introvert" is the weekly radio show for leaders. It's packed ideas and interviews to help you unlock the introvert superpowers within your team.  Every episode has practical ideas to help you understand and manage introverts more effectively. You'll get to understand issues introverts deal with and how to change them into advantages. 

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