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Your listeners

Non introverts

If your listeners are interested in productivity, employee engagement, improved results in their company, I can help them whether introvert or extrovert. Most business owners are losing productivity as they don’t understand introversion.


Many introverts face struggles in an extrovert business world. They’ll probably appreciate ideas to improve their career, business, their networking, their small talk skills. But they need ideas for introverts, not the normal extrovert based tips.

My approach

Based on my research, I’ve learnt that a few simple steps could improve productivity of most teams, the introverted third to half of the team, AND everybody else.

This simple approach is the one I took when writing “Running Meetings that make things happen” (as cited in The Economist), “Ninja Networking” and when I am speaking on stage.

I will often use metaphors and stories (especially linked to the undersea world) to help get the message across.

Good podcast discussions we could have

The 33% productivity gap in your firm

Nobody consciously destroys a third of their firm’s productivity, but many do unconsciously.

My research-based approach uncovers what’s creating the productivity gap in many firms and how to close it it.

Clue: Most leaders don’t understand introversion!

Better business meetings

Most team meetings are ineffective, before even considering the introverted third of the room who are even more disengaged.

Let’s discuss how to run meetings that make things happen, whether remote or face to face meetings.

Based on my book.

Helping introverts

Being an introvert in an extrovert biased business world can be tough. You can’t stop being an introvert, but you can learn tactics that help you be yourself and to succeed on your terms.

A discussion to help introverts understand their strengths.

Networking, like a Ninja

Networking should grow your business and increase your profile,

Why do so many business owners think it’s a soul destroying waste of time?

Where is it going wrong and how they do something about it?

Based on my book.

Questions you could ask

Please ask any questions you see as appropriate for your listeners. Some podcast hosts have asked for for questions that they could ask, click here to download some suggestions. Please do not think they’re the “only” or the “right” questions to ask.

Bio and Introduction

You can download my 50 word and 100 word biography here. In addition  the standard introduction MC’s use on stage for me is downloadable here (it’s not the same as you’d use on a podcast, but may help you).

Images for your publicity material

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Jon Baker presenting Activate Your Introvert
Jon Baker presenting Activate Your Introvert

About me

I’m happy to do our podcast live, or recorded, on video or audio (though I’d like to know which, in advance). I also run my own podcast so understand you want a guest who will turn up on time, speak coherently and work with you to structure a useful message into the time you have – rather than you having to edit out 15 minutes of ego waving, umms, errs and irrelevant material.

I’ve coached business owners to grow their firms for many years and trained sales teams so I’ll happily speak on business growth and sales; I tend to do it from the perspective of introverts in business.

I wrote “Running Meetings that make things happen – how to get your whole team engaged, introvert and extrovert“, “Ninja Networking” and  co-wrote “The Go-To Expert“.

When I’m not working I spend as much time as possible underwater, you can always get me talking about the underwater world and I’ll link underwater and the business world of your listeners.

I invited Jon to join me for an interview series to that was published on YouTube and other social media.

Jon was a lot of fun to interview and shared lots of valuable and useable insights and tips. The feedback has been brilliant, showing show just how good Jon is as a guest.

I would highly recommend Jon as a speaker if you want your audience to feel like they have invested their time well and can go away with useful and actionable takeaways.

Charlie Whyman

Podcast Host, The Curiosity Key

Examples of other shows I’ve been on.

Click here for a range of media articles, recordings and videos I’ve completed for other people.

For examples of my work and speaking when not on podcasts, please click here.

“Jon and I worked together on a virtual talk at Future Frame 2020 and he was a fantastic addition to the keynote speakers. His talk was very informative and touched on issues that not too many leaders think about.

What I loved about Jon’s virtual keynote speech was the tone he set and the knowledge that he had regarding the introvert team members. His talk was very insightful and he gave great tips on how leaders can bring out the best of every team member.
He was really good at the way he presented the information. Very understandable and with actionable suggestions.
Our audience feedback was very positive and Jon managed to answer many questions asked by members of the audience.”

Marian Kanev, Chief Marketing Officer, Interplast 

I also present on stage

Some of my recent articles, or podcasts

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