Whether your run your own business, or want to advance your career, networking is a great tool. The problem is, most introverts shudder at the idea. If it’s time to improve your networking results the Ninja Networking approach and this page will help you improve your networking, especially if you’re one of the quieter, less “natural” networkers – who are quite possibly introverted. Scroll down for networking tips and ideas.


Ninja Networking book

Ninja Networking is an easy to read book to get you better results from your networking, even if you are naturally quiet, or find crowds of people exhausting. It’s full of tactics, and ideas to make you think differently.

But it’s more than that, it’s a way of thinking about networking, because the best results don’t always go to the loudest people.

Ninja Networking is available on Amazon (as the author and an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

Brilliant book, clear, effective, practical, easy to read, and has a different perspective on the subject.”  Chris Ives, Regional Leader 4Networking

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“Quick and easy to read, yet leaves powerful long lasting thoughts and actions behind.”
A. Phillips- A.N.G. Design Consultancy

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You can learn even more from the book by having a Ninja Networking presentation, or training session specially tailored for the needs of your organisation. Get your delegates to enjoy networking and get more from their networking.

“his honest, open and down to earth approach to business, backed up by a wealth of experience really sets him apart. His presentations are ALWAYS informative and full of great tips but most of all are entertaining and memorable! A genuine people person” – Michelle Turner Davidson, The Network Marketing Academy

“Jon is an inspirational speaker and motivator. If you want to grow your business” Tony Jackson – Accountant

Great presentation, I love the way you delivered brilliant business tips into an interactive session, with a fascinating story to keep everybody hooked.” Neal Parmar – WPA

I loved Jon’s presentation on Ninja Networking, packed with valuable ideas and engrossing” Judi Hampton ISPEX

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