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Ninja Networking book

Reading a book doesn’t improve the results from your networking, only you can do that. But when it comes to taking practical steps this page has all the free downloads promised to you in the book (and a couple more).

Feel free to use these downloads in your own networking, although not for passing to other people. I’d rather they read the book and selected the worksheets most relevant for them.

 How useful would you find the following all ready for you to print and use?

Dream client worksheet   –    Your network strength indicator   –   Informational interview worksheet   –   Pain worksheet   –   Running your 121 sales meetings worksheet   –   Improving your 121 worksheet   –   Elevator worksheet, for a good simple elevator pitch   –  Elevator worksheet, for getting more sales   –   Elevator worksheet, for getting referrals

More tips to improve your networking

Networking and introverts

Networking and introverts

Series one of Activate Your Introvert has ended. Don't be too sad though, series two starts on 21/6/21. You can listen to the latest episodes of Activate Your Introvert here. What a great opportunity to review some of the popular themes from the series, one of which...

Introverts, networking and personal brand.

Introverts, networking and personal brand.

You have a personal brand, whether you "created" it or not. My simple way of explaining a personal brand is “what do others see, hear and remember about you when/ after you meet”. Nobody wants a negative personal brand, but it's easy yo create one without realising....

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