How does thinking about Christmas help you and your firm grow? Here’s my thoughts on how to use the Christmas period to grow, by relaxing with the turkey (or veggie equivalent)! This article isn’t about “introversion” and applies equally well for extroverted and introverted business owners.

What will your Christmas table be like? Are you having family, friends, relatives to stay, or maybe you are going to be a guest this year? Whatever you are doing this Christmas, I wish you a happy and joyous one.

Before Christmas day you will probably have a plan. In your head will be an idea of how you and those around you will enjoy the process. If not, why would you spend any more for the meal than you do normally?

You have a goal.

Your aim, target, goal (or whatever other word you want to use) is to have a good/ happy/ drunken/ relaxed/ as stress free as possible (delete as applicable)

Lots of goals

Having that goal in mind helps you to plan how the day will go, what you’ll buy, how much you will spend – just how good will that Turkey smell as it comes out of the oven?

Could you plan that meal without knowing what you want from it?

Your business goal.

Let’s adapt that last sentence – could you plan your business success without knowing what you want from it?

Perhaps as the family quieten down after their Christmas dinner you’ll be next to the log fire with a nice glass of your favourite tipple in hand? Imagine the peaty aroma of the pure malt, listening to the contented family sounds around you, gazing at the pretty twinkling Christmas tree – does that sound good? Does that sound worth the effort you put into Christmas?

Maybe it’s a good time to let your mind roam and think about what you want from your firm next year. Let next year’s goals form in your head.

Allow them to be as descriptive as you can; the more descriptive the more powerful and useful they are. So, let your goals form in your head, smell the success, see the picture of what a great new year means to you, listen to the sounds around you when people congratulate you on a great year.

If your goal has some passion in it, and shows some of your values – it becomes even easier for others to be swept up with it. I’ve heard plenty of stirring speeches that get people roused, and more passionate. I know that you’ll get more from your team if the goals you share with them have move evocative, rich descriptive and emotional language. Remember:

  • passion and performance go together
  • your role as business owner is to inspire staff, clients, prospects….

How are you going to inspire people next year, what’s your plan? 

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