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Category: Business Development
Business Development skills are essential for any business owner, introverted or not. Items in this category are all about helping you to develop your business, profitably, using methods that work for introverts.
Marketing your small business

Marketing your small business

Marketing your small business is essential for your survival, although it’s something most introverts don’t seem to enjoy. This week’s podcast interview is with Ben Caine of Benchmark content. Ben (an introvert with an interesting history) is a...
Marketing your small business

LinkedIn marketing for introverts

LinkedIn can help you develop your business and career.  Yet many people don’t use it well, getting no success; others get huge value from it. What makes the difference? Many introverts don’t like Social Media as it’s “just more ego driven...
Marketing your small business

How to sell more, as an introvert

Whether you run your own business, work in somebody else’s, or just need to get your ideas across to others, you do need to “sell”. Yet many people, especially introverts, hate the idea of selling. This week’s interview will help you to sell...

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