What Father Christmas does when he needs some clear thinking

by Dec 22, 2020Business Development

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You can’t have missed it, Christmas is on the way. It’s quickly followed by January where all our resolutions go to pot and then we’re back where we were before. But here’s where Santa’s habits may help you. Santa has some great habits around clear thinking…..

What’s special about clear thinking?

How often have your found that clear thinking allows you to suddenly see the answer to a problem that’s been bugging you?

Why is it that giving yourself space allows you to suddenly see the answer to things you couldn’t before? Have you ever been watching the television, struggling to remember the name of an actress, and couldn’t? But as soon as you stopped trying, it just popped into your head?

What would you like your amazing subconscious to shine a light on, so you could change the way you do things in your business? How would clarity of thought help you look differently at things you perceive as problems? Maybe you’d feel differently about being introverted!

The problem is you’re too close to it and can’t “”. That’s where coaching often helps, I help clients stand back and gain real clarity.

No, clear thinking!

Just in case you’re sitting smugly thinking “hey I’m and introvert and I do lots of thinking, it’s one of my strengths“. STOP. Is it really CLEAR thinking or is it a great detailed tangled ball of wool? What clear thinking habits do you have?

What does Santa do?

Santa loves the build up to Christmas, the problem is he has no time to stop and think. Poor guy, deserves a break, always having to improve his logistics operation to deal with our endless demands. He uses the Christmas break to stop, think and then see the answers.

How to use Christmas to improve your business.

Christmas is a great time. It’s time to sit back, unwind and let your mind drift off. But you won’t be thanked by your family for trying to solve your firm’s problems at this time when you need to rest.

However, you can have both! Clear thinking about your problem AND rest with the family.

A couple of days before the break think about the knotty issues that you want to resolve. Make some notes, what are the possible solutions you’ve considered? In other words bring the issues to the front of your mind (doing something active about it will help).

Now forget it! Forget it just before your break. As you empty your mind, allow your subconscious to seek the answer. It’s a bit like staring into a freshly poured glass of cloudy beer, at first you see nothing, then as things settle you see clearly. All you need to do for some clear thinking is to allow your mind to settle, having first programmed it with what to look for.

Thinking with a beer

What would you like your brain work out for you, when you allow “stuff” to settle?

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