Networking and introverts

Last updated Jun 18, 2021 | Networking

Networking and introverts

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Series one of Activate Your Introvert has ended. Don’t be too sad though, series two starts on 21/6/21. You can listen to the latest episodes of Activate Your Introvert here.

What a great opportunity to review some of the popular themes from the series, one of which was networking.

Introverts and networking.

One of the common issues that many introverted business owners talk about is a dislike of networking. Also many extroverted business owners struggle to get introverted team members to go networking.

Why? It is a myth that introverts can’t network well, in fact they can make the best networkers. What is it you don’t like about networking? For most people the answer is lots of people talking and not listening, well introverts don’t like networking in that manner.

You can read more ideas about networking for introverts here and below are some of the series one episodes about business networking.

Networking tips from head of BNI – UK – Charlie Lawson

Can introverts succeed in Networking meetings? If so, what do they have to do?

This episode of the podcast series explores how introverts can get get better results from their networking in an interview with Charlie Lawson, author of “The Unnatural networker”. and head of the UK’s biggest networking group.

Networking tips from global networking speaker – Will Kintish

This week’s interviewee is Will Kintish, a  leading authority in Business Networking Skills training. Will shows people how to become effective online networkers and when we resume face to face networking he’ll be helping with face-to-face networking skills again.

Changes in networking – ONLE co-founder James West

What does the change towards online networking mean for networkers and especially introverted networkers. James is one of the Co-Founders of ONLE Networking – the business network for people who like people.

Virtual business networking, Angie Phillips

Angie Phillips is a graphic design consultant and expert networker. She chairs one networking group and is involved in several others.

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