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Tag: Networking

Networking is a common feature of modern business life, many introverts struggle with it. These articles will help introverts get more from networking.

Business society’s extrovert bias

Business society’s extrovert bias

Western (business) society seems to be built in a way that values leadership where charisma, overt confidence and dominance are evident. What’s more business seems to be structured around an extrovert success model: Networking is important, where networking often...
How can I get beyond small talk

How can I get beyond small talk

Small talk, even the phrase leaves me cold. Unfortunately it’s not only me, it leaves most introverts hate smalltalk too. But here’s the odd thing, there are extroverts who hate small talk too! Some people see it as a barrier to proper conversation and...
Networking tips from Will Kintish

Networking tips from Will Kintish

This week’s interviewee is Will Kintish, a UK leading authority in Business Networking Skills training. Will shows people how to become effective online networkers and when we resume face to face networking he’ll be helping with face-to-face networking...
Networking tips from Will Kintish

Becoming an entrepreneur, as an introvert

This week’s interviewee is Fredrick Kyomya, founder of the Creativity School and author of The Creative Thinker. We’re talking about being an entrepreneur as an introvert with the added issues of being younger than many entrepreneurs – we’ll see how that...

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