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Tag: Networking

Networking is an increasingly common feature of modern business life, but one that many introverts struggle with. These articles about networking will help introverts in business get more from networking.

10 fears of introverts (and ideas to help)

10 fears of introverts (and ideas to help)

Being introverted is not something to worry about and it does not make you “less good” than extroverts you may know/ see/ hear about. Despite knowing that (in their head), many introverts worry about issues which they are able to deal with. Here’s ten fears of...
Introvert or shy?

Introvert or shy?

There are many misconceptions about being introverted. One common myth about introverts is that being introverted is the same as being shy, it isn’t. That leads to the question “what is the difference between being shy and being introverted?” Neil the introvert...

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