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As an introvert in business you probably have to attend countless meetings and wonder why you bother. Most business meetings are badly run, don’t follow a structured agenda (if one even existed), go on too long and don’t take account of the views that matter – yours!

Introverts tend to understand the detail extroverts often ignore. Not only do you have a more detailed knowledge of the subject, you can add a different perspective to the way they’re thinking – if only they weren’t so busy just talking.

How many meetings have you attended where it seems that you have to shout the loudest to be heard and argue for no real reason (other than to wave your ego around)? This is where surviving meetings seems to be really hard.

The problem is that surviving meetings doesn’t do your career, or prospects any good. If you want help thriving in meetings, as an introvert, I have a coaching programme to help you. Contact me today and lets focus on thriving in meetings, not surviving meetings.


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