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Category: Personal Growth
Magic for introverts (podcast)

Magic for introverts (podcast)

Have you ever looked at somebody else and wished you could be more like that, only to then think “but I’m an introvert”? This week’s guest is MagicSingh, an international magician, who is also an introvert. Find out how Amardeep Singh used...
Can introverts be great leaders?

Can introverts be great leaders?

Can introverts be great leaders? The answer is, of course, YES. But 67% of introverts I’ve surveyed they are at a disadvantage in business! A year ago (on Jan 8th 2019) Amazon became the world’s most valuable public company, why is this relevant? I think that...
Can introverts be great leaders?

DON’T get out of your comfort zone

It’s easy (they say), push yourself out of your comfort zone, go meet those people, go networking, just ask for a higher price (or many other horrendous things). Why would you want to get out of your comfort zone, it hurts! Who are the people saying you should live...
Business leaders, personal effectiveness and introversion

Developing social confidence as an introvert.

Introverts are known for preferring not to spend a lot of time socialising and tend to value humility. Some may also have a lack of social confidence when it comes to things like promoting themselves (career progression anybody?) or speaking in public. How can...

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