Business ideas to help you, from favourite Christmas films

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Business ideas to help you, from favourite Christmas films

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What’s your favourite cheesy Christmas film – and what business tip can you take from it? OK it’s time to get seasonal and slushy, Christmas is on the way after all!  Here’s 5 business ideas that spring from those cheesy, perennial favourite Christmas films.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas (and the cheesy movies). I’m writing this hoping you let me know some more good films and the associated business ideas. OK, I’m being slightly light hearted, but it is nearly Christmas, so join in.

My favourite films with business ideas.

  • A Christmas Carol. A lovely Dickensian story where the main theme (according to a 12 year old) is “don’t be mean”. OK, what’s the business lesson? Trading when all of your clients are closed seems to be a waste of overheads? Well actually I think it’s that Mr Scrooge has created a wonderful business, returning him the money he wanted; however he forgot to factor something into his business plan. Most of us want more than money, and need to focus on that. At the core of every business plan needs to be “what’s in it for me”, or “why am I building this firm”, the emotion, not the money. Without it you are unlikely to succeed. As you think about changing the way you work, perhaps to be more supportive of the introverts in your team – focus on the why.
  • It’s a wonderful life. A frustratingly twee film, that for some reason I love watching Christmas (only once though). The main theme seems to me that you have touched many more lives than you know and that they will support you back. Perhaps that’s a reminder that even introverts should make that phone call. If you don’t keep in touch, you’ll never know what could happen.

  • White Christmas. A lovely musical (I can’t believe I’m admitting to that), where Bing Crosby creates a great tribute for his commanding officer and then it snows! For me, the clear business lesson is the power of your network. They pull the whole thing off because Bing Crosby uses a member of his network to get TV time and then asks his network for help, and they oblige. Sometimes it’s no good assuming your network understand what you want, you need to ask them.
  • The Railway Children. This film really has nothing to do with Christmas, but was always on at Christmas when I was a child. I guess the moral of the story is that right will win? I’m not sure that is a business lesson, so I’d go with this. Roberta (played by Jenny Agutter) created a network of people that were willing to help her. She did this by being helpful (“givers gain” anybody?), but most importantly by showing initiative and approaching the right people. They are pretty good business ideas we could use in the new year. Maybe as introverts approaching more of the right people is something we should consider more.
  • Wizard of Oz. A marvelous children’s film that always seemed to be on at Christmas. I’m not really sure of the moral of this story (other than don’t walk through poppy fields). But for me the business ideas are that big flim-flam and showmanship do get found out in the end. So, stick with the basics, promise prospects what you’re good at and deliver it. Oh, and have a pair of ruby slippers standing by in case things go wrong.
  • Bridge over the river Kwai. I never understood why a war film used to be on Christmas day every year. I’m not really clear on any moral to the story, other than British engineering ingenuity. The business ideas in this film escape me (yes, I’m finally admitting defeat, I can’t use everything as a metaphor), but if you think of one, let me know.

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