Jon Baker is happy to be interviewed, provide quotes, or articles on Introversion for media and podcasters. This page has examples of interviews, podcasts and articles on the subject of introverts in business. If you’d like me to be on your show, please contact me 0203 488 6739.

The secret gift of Introverts

It was an honour to be interviewed by Roxanne Derhodge, about  introversion. We discussed getting the most from the introverts in your team and how to get the most from yourself as an introvert.

Networking for Introverts

Charlie Whyman interviewed me about networking specifically for introverts. We discussed a range of related issues and how introverts can be excellent networkers and derive a great business benefit, while remaining themselves.

Connected Leadership

This show covers key topics on career and leadership success. In this episode, Andy, Jennifer Kahnweiler and I discuss introversion in leadership and networking

22nd century management

In his series about 22nd century management Ken Robertson and I discuss the (ir)relevance of meetings and how to run meetings that get your whole team involved. Running effective meetings is a skill all leaders and managers need.

International Association of Facilitators

Helene Jewell of the IAF interviewed me about introversion and meeting facilitation as it relates to introversion.

Self improvement for introverts

How introverts can deal with the extrovert bias in western society and some actions that have helped many..

The Oval Table

In their series “The Oval Table”, Douglas Bowers and Carl Walsh help business owners survive and thrive with weekly insightful interviews from successful people who have solved the same kinds of problems that you face.

Human Capital Innovations

In his series about Human Capital Innovations Jonathan H. Westover, PhD interviewed me about running meetings that make things happen and the link between effective meetings with introversion.  Also available as a podcast here

Standing Out

How business can close the introvert productivity gap.


Institute of workplace and facilities management

The Institute of workplace and facilities management ran a series of presentations on the future workplace and navigating turbulent times. I was pleased to present on  leadership in hybrid working and hybrid meetings.

Why Introverts Make The Best Leaders

The extraordinary man podcast helps married businessman who want to create more profit and purpose in their business without sacrificing their family, health or marriage. In this episode I was asked about introverts and leadership. Click to listen


Enlightened leadership

In her series about leadership Gina Gardiner interviewed me about leadership and introversion. We discussed a range of leadership related issues, including how to get the most from your introverts and what introversion really is.


Alex Muir of Mindcep interviewed me about how understanding introversion can improve business.

Simplicity of Happiness

Florian runs a weekly show “Simplicity of Happiness”. We discussed introversion, what it is and how it relates to business in this episode..

Articles written for other websites

Improving productivity, by improving leadership

Click here for the article in the August 2020 edition of The Business Independent about how understanding introversion and making some simple changes to how we manage introverts can improve productivity

Speaking up in the boardroom

Click here for an article in the ACCA’s magazine about how introverts can more easily be heard in the board room when surrounded by extrovert colleagues.

The hidden productivity issues in meetings

Click here for an article in PsychReg about productivity issues caused by in meetings and how you can improve your meetings to get additional productivity by engaging your whole team.

Productivity issues when working from home

Click here for an article in Kizzi’s working from home game changer about productivity issues caused by working from home and how you can fix them. They’re not what most people initially think.

Hassle free pitching for introverts

Click here for an article in the ACCA’s magazine about how introverts can improve their pitching skills and remain true to themselves.

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