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Running effective meetings is one of the main ways that you can influence your team and improve business performance. Effective meetings generate engagement, ideas and buy in from your team, as well as ensuring all hear the same message and take action.

The problem is that a third of most teams are tuned out what goes on in meetings and don’t engage effectively – because of the way the meetings are structured and managed.

That’s why I’ve found that helping leaders run effective meetings, is one of the mos effective business improvement steps.

What’s an effective meeting?

  • the whole team engage in – both introvert and extroverts
  • the whole team are committed to the outcome of the meeting
  • the whole team take the relevant actions as a result of the meeting
  • the whole team are “singing from the same hymn sheet”
  • decisions taken are stronger, more resilient and take into account all your team’s knowledge, not just the louder people.

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