Being on top of your game

Last updated Jan 17, 2021 | Being introverted

Being on top of your game

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What do you do every day, to stay on top of your game? Whether you are an introvert, extravert, or anywhere in between, being the best you can be is probably important to you. Do you have a routine, or something that helps you?

Introverts on top of their game

As I said earlier we all want to focus on being on top of our game, but is it more important to some people than others? Is it possible that introverts get more knocked off track, unless they focus?

Are there extra introvert stresses?

  • Western success model: It often seems as if the elements of what most people call successful, and the way you need to be in order to be successful, are extravert behaviours. Trying to copy those, or hiding in plain sight, can be more tiring and create more stress.
  • Noise distractions: Research has shown that when it’s noisy introverts find it harder to concentrate. Is that another reason introverts need to focus more on staying on top of their game?
  • Meetings are more tiring? If you’re in meetings where the focus becomes how to survive the meeting, rather than how to thrive in it, maybe that’s another introvert stress?

I am not trying in any way to suggest stress doesn’t exist for everybody, but all stresses can knock us off path.

Other ideas to help

  • Confidence: Being introverted doesn’t mean you lack self confidence, although many introverts seek to improve their self confidence. 7 tips to boost your self confidence. In fact you might find that you have more confidence than you thought, as many introverts are confident, just differently!
  • Shyness: Introversion is not the same as being shy, but here are 3 tips to get over shyness



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