Introvert jokes

Last updated May 2, 2022 | Being introverted

Introvert jokes

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I am never sure whether I get really annoyed about Introvert jokes, or find them amusing (and what this says about my sense of humour). Some annoy me as they’re downright wrong (based on misunderstanding about introversion and introvert myths), and some amplify mild (or occasional) introvert related traits and make me smile. What’s your view?

The context

Context is often relevant. I was running a series of short Q&A sessions about how business owners should understand introversion and answering questions about introversion. They were online sessions, with people arriving at any time in the first couple of minutes, so I started with this series of jokes (didn’t matter if you missed them), allowing us to talk about the issues around introvert stereotypes.

Introvert jokes

I hope you find them amusing, but would love to understand your reaction and where you are on an introvert/ extrovert scale.

  • How much does the average introvert weigh? Not enough to break the ice.
  • Borrowed from good friend and Activate Your Introvert guest, Will Kintish. How can you tell if an Accountant is an introvert or an extrovert? The extroverted Accountant looks at your shoes while talking, the introvert his own.
  • Why did the introvert polish his shoes regularly? So, she could look at peoples faces.
  • What do introverts and vegetarians have in common? Both avoid meet! As a veggie, that made me smile more than it should have done.
  • Have you seen the new perfume for introverted ladies? It’s called Leave me alone cologne
  • Two introverts walk into a room….one leaves
  • In a conference I asked the crowd “all the introverts raise the hand”, nobody raised their hand! Unfortunately this is at the core of why many speakers turn off a large part of their audience, as they confuse audience activity with audience engagement.
  • An introvert Knock Knock Joke………….Knock knock.
  • An introvert walks into a bar…No, sorry was thinking of someone else. The introvert stayed at home. This one really annoys and amuses me in equal parts.
  • What’s a group of introverts called? An Oxymoron
  • You think you are introverted? Wait until you never meet me.
  • Lockdown and the pandemic, it’s something we introverts been preparing for it all our lives. That seems funny, but it’s so obviously untrue, lockdown was not the time of the introvert, we missed people too.
  • Looks like soon extroverts won’t be needing my help anymore, I’ve spent the last 18 months giving out tips on social distancing to them
  • How do you pump up a room full of introverts? Start with “LETS GET READY TO MUMBLE!!!” Err, nothing to do with introversion, yet makes me smiles.
  • What do Introverts do when they mess up a joke? They introvise -appeals to me, but then I like word play.
  • How many introverts does it take to change a lightbulb? Why does it have to be a task done together?
  • One for fans of Marvel universe. Why do introverts identify so much with Thor’s brother? Because he’s low-key. It will only make sense if you loved all the Marvel films and even then you’ll groan.
  • How do you spot an introvert in a crowd? You don’t
  • What is an introvert’s favourite kind of tea? Subtle tea

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