How to hold yourself accountable

Last updated Dec 10, 2020 | Improving your work performance

How to hold yourself accountable

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As an introvert it’s quite easy to wander off into internal reflection, spend ages deciding, strategising and never get round to completing things (by the way, extroverts have equivalents to this too). The problem with this can be not doing what you said you would. How will you hold yourself accountable?

Holding your team accountable.

Making sure your team do what they are supposed to is important, maybe you’re good at cracking the whip when it’s needed. However, YOU are the most important person in your firm when it comes to delivery. Who holds you accountable? How is holding a metaphorical gun to your head?

Who holds you accountable?

Do you have somebody to hold you accountable for your promises to yourself? is it time to change things and deliver better results by holding yourself accountable?

If you don’t change, nothing will change

8 ways to hold yourself accountable

  1. Write down what you’re going to do, with dates. Stop, go on, do it! Is it specific enough? Now add what will happen as a result of doing each point and how it is is more important than the “day to day stuff” you tend to get sucked into. Add a really evocative picture to each one.
  2. Enhance point 1 by putting these somewhere you will constantly see them (on the wall, in the kitchen, above your PC, etc). If you can’t post the whole action publicly (I’d challenge you on that one), just post the pictures. Then review your list of actions (with pictures) weekly.
  3. Commit to some key people that you’ll update them at the end of each quarter.
  4. Join a group that will help you keep the focus. Meeting people that are unconnected to your business on a regular basis and having to tell them what you’ve done can be powerful. Many call this a mastermind group.
  5. Tell lots of people what’s going to be different.
  6. Tell your team. It can be hard, but can also foster a greater degree of trust in your firm.
  7. Ask somebody close to you to hold you accountable. There’s a problem here as it can lead to claims of “nagging”. You can reduce this by simply telling them what you want them to ask you at specific points in the year and how you want them to act dependent on your answer.
  8. Get a business coach. I know, that was a bit cheeky, but it works. If you really want to change things, get a professional to hold you accountable and to celebrate with you. Click here, find out about me, and call me. I welcome your call about how business coaching will help you, even if I’m not the coach you choose to work with.

Important note: Set your your actions in a way is meaningful to you (not anybody else). 

What do you do, to ensure that you deliver your promises? How will you change things in the future? I’d love to read your comments

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