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Join the discussion. Introvert introversial is a series of conversations, introvert style, about introversion and leadership. You’re welcome to join in, share your experience and take away ideas.

Join in for free, there’s no catch, just discussion.

At your desk

Listen where it suits you


From September 2022


Your team’s potential.


Discuss, or just listen

What will you discuss?

The theme will vary each month, depending on the expert speaker. However, the subject will always relate to essential leadership items and introversion.

Private zoom room

Join in the conversation in a zoom room where only those who have booked in can join the conversation. There will be limited spaces for the live show, although you will be able to reserve your space.

The discussion starts at 17:00, for about 45 minutes.


Questions about “Introversial Leadership live.”

Is it recorded?

Yes……and no. There are two elements to the show:

  1. A presentation from a subject expert, followed by a brief discussion between the presenter and me, as well as your questions from the chat box; this section will be recorded and available later on YouTube.
  2. Once the recording ends there will be a wider discussion on related issues you’d like to discuss; this section will not be recorded.
I hate big zoom calls

I agree. These are in small zoom rooms with a maximum of 10 people on any call. That way we are able to have proper discussions, without interference. That’s why you need to book in beforehand.

What will you be discussing?

Each call has a theme, which will be published in advance. However the discussion in the second part of the show may well move off of that theme.

What's the cost?

Zero. My belief is that a series of short presentations and discussions would be interesting and useful. So, no charge, you just have to book in beforehand.

What's the catch?

None at all. OK, maybe that depends on what you view as a catch! I get to invite some great speakers and chat to some great people, you get to ask questions and we’ll try to answer them. I’ll get your email address and will send you useful material from time time, although you can unsubscribe to that at any time.

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