Introvert only dating and social skills

Last updated Jul 6, 2022 | Communication

Introvert only dating and social skills

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I’ve been pondering over issues of making things easier in the short term, versus improving them in the longer term (normally with more effort required in the short term). I think there’s a whole society issue here, even though I was focusing on introverts. The three specifics I was pondering were active range, how social media algorithms drive what we read and internet dating for introverts. You may think I’ve lost the plot, but stick with it….

What is active range?

Active range is a term used in exercise to talk about how far you should exercise your muscles, in order to improve fitness.

Suppose we thought of this as a mental condition too? Improving active range would mean considering more options, rather than simply working through the “easy” thoughts.

Introvert only dating site?

I also came across a new idea, an introvert only dating site where “dating for introverts is about to become a whole lot easier”, because “this extrovert dominated world, where introversion is regarded as ‘unnatural’ and even ‘creepy’ to some, it is sometimes hard for introverts to find people who accept them for who they are”. My immediate reactions were:

  1. Great marketing gimmick
  2. Ooo, sounds like a good idea
  3. Isn’t it part of the damaging societal trend
  4. Does it really help introverts?

Damaging societal trend?

One of the “issues” in society (I think) is increasing polarisation, whether that’s US politics, UK politics or social media.

It struck me that Facebook, Google et al and their algorithms, along with an increasingly polarised media are aimed at limiting our mental active range, but simply showing us more intense version of what they think we like.

In my head at least this decreased active range and increased polarisation make it harder to get on with others who are “different” and that’s not a good thing.

What’s this got to do with introverts?

My fundamental belief is that the best asset in business is an effective team which uses a diverse range of views to understand and interact with the world outside the business.

The skills we need to develop are to understand each other more, an extrovert driven definition of success isn’t good and neither is it good to imply that introverts know the right answer (the don’t). If you’re wondering about the image for this article, it’s about working together.

Do you think I’ve lost the plot?

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