Saying Hello – a step too far?

Last updated Dec 20, 2021 | Communication

Saying Hello – a step too far?

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I know I’m an introvert and we’re not supposed to go round talking to people, well not if some myths are true. But I always say hello to people when walking, the responses vary since lockdown.

I do believe that general polite chat is a good thing, even (in fact especially) with people you don’t know. Let me explain why and then get to the point of this blog which relates to lockdown and us strange things called human beings.

Before you think I’m raving mad, I am talking about say Hi to people whilst out for a walk, or going to the supermarket

Why it’s good to talk to people you don’t know

  1. We are all human and it feels good to communicate with fellow humans. In fact we all need it, especially in lockdown. Introverts do like human contact!
  2. If it feels good, it releases some feel good hormones and that is a good thing for our well being
  3. It does the same thing for the other person, so you’re helping others (feels even better)
  4. As an introvert it’s good practice for initiating conversation when you don’t want to
  5. As you’re just walking past them, there’s no fear of getting locked into a long piece of small talk.. I’m like most introverts , I wouldn’t want to get locked into smalltalk!

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The lockdown effect

May be you want to call me sociable introvert, but I’ve always said hello to people when out walking, I think it’s just polite. Outside of London most people will respond, cheerfully even if its a non committal grunt.

But in the last few years I’ve come to realise that people on the outskirts of London are different. The majority would look at me as if I’m an alien with four heads who is an axe murderer in my spare time. That’s to say, they look horrified and move as quickly as possible away from me.

Until lockdown happened. Suddenly people started being more human to each other, it faded a bit as lockdown got unlocked, but it’s back now. Most people I walk or run past are only to pleased to say hello.

Is it me, or have you found the same?

Do you think it’s only polite to say hello, or is that something introverts should never do?

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