You’re looking for support to grow your Woodford Green business and are wondering how having a business coach could help you? Perhaps you’re wondering who can help with coaching introverted business owners, Woodford Green?

“How will a business coach help my business?”

Great question and an important one to focus on. Its very easy to see many potential solutions and suppliers and many of them promising the holy grail (success, quickly and easily). A good business coach doesn’t do that; their job is to get you to focus on the right things, so you achieve the results you deserve. A business coach doesn’t do the job for you, but will help you work on the right things at the right time and in that way you’ll get more done, so you can achieve more.

A local business coach?

The most important things to consider in choosing a business coach are:

  • Is it the right time for you to get a business coach and are you ready to be coached? You’re keen to grow, but are getting stuck possibly repeating the same old issues? Are you willing to change the way you work and change how you prioritise things? If so, you might be ready to have a coach.
  • Does your coach have the expertise to get you to perform at your best?
  • Is your coach local? This can be handy for some of the meetings, but you don’t need to meet your coach face to face every time, In fact you are probably better off not meeting you coach face to face for every meeting. Meeting remotely means you have less travel time, or disturbance, so you spend more time working; it can also mean your meeting time is more focused on the issues as there are less other distractions.

Where is local to Woodford Green?

I will normally meet up with you once a month, or a quarter (depending on your needs), so you don’t have to be right on the doorstep. Coaching in between times is on Zoom, which means you can be where you need to be and waste less time travelling. However for those other coaching meetings, Woodford, Ilford, Chigwell, Waltham Cross, Wanstead and Woodford are all close by.

What’s in a “typical” business coaching programme?

Firstly there is no “typical” programme; coaching is responsive to you and your requirements. Having said that the following are likely to be important parts of changing your performance

  • Understand what you really want: This is about your longer term ambitions, a reality check and what they’re worth to you. Most of us overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can achieve in the longer term.
  • Create shorter term focus: It’s no good focusing on the long term goal and it’s no good just dealing with today’s issues. Creating a focus on the 3-5 big things which will make the difference in the next few months is what’s going to allow you to achieve more and save time.
  • Accountability: Sorry, but it does need to be there! What are the short term issues that need to be dealt with? What are the “to-do’s” that you need to be doing each week? What are the habits you need to develop? This is where discipline and accountability drives performance.
  • Your dashboard: You run a business, you do need to get a focus on some of the key numbers in that business. What are the “KPI’s” (key performance indicators) that you should focus on? Regular monitoring will allow you to spot problems early, or know you’re on track.
  • Your successes: It’s easy to run a business and always see what’s not going so well, getting bogged down in negativity. As your coach I’ll ensure you also celebrate your successes on the way, so you get back to enjoying running your business. Do you remember why you started, I bet you don’t think about that enough!
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings. I’ll be combining the points above, with others, to create the programme you want and need. We will create the meeting schedule that’s right for you.

Business Coach, Woodford Green

Jon Baker has been coaching business owners for more than 20 years and has been working for himself since 2005. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, and different types of business owner; my coaching is always focused on you, your goals and your style. Expect me to ask difficult questions that you won’t always have an immediate answer for (that can feel hard in itself). It’s by realising what you’re not doing, as well as what you should be doing, that you can change your habits. Changing your habits, for the right ones, is what will generate your success.

Coaching introverted business owners, Woodford Green

Jon specialises in Coaching introverted business owners, Woodford Green – but still gets great results if you’re not introverted!

Ready to start?

If you think coaching is what you need, get in touch with Jon Baker ( We will talk about what you’re trying to achieve, I’ll ask you some questions to see if you’re ready to be coached and we will arrange an introductory strategy session.

This introductory strategy session will help you realise what you could change, how you could improve things and what you need to do first. This strategy session on it’s own will give huge value to your business, and if you don’t agree when we’ve finished – I’ll refund you the cost of it.

You’re changing your future whether you act now, or don’t – so change your future in the right direction, email me or complete the form below.

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