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Category: Developing staff

How should you best train and develop introverted staff members? As a leader a third to a half of your team are introverts, better results needs you to understand them.

How to use Johari’s box to help introverts

How to use Johari’s box to help introverts

As a leader one of your main roles is to improve the productivity of your team, helping them perform better. Johari’s window (sometimes called Johari’s box) is a simple tool that could help you do that and help you manage introverts. What is Johari’s box? Johari’s box...
Managing your team’s return to work

Managing your team’s return to work

How are you feeling about the idea of returning to work, more importantly how are your team feeling? Even putting to one side concerns over ” is it safe” and “should the country be returning to work”, they’re likely to be have mixed...
Empower your secret sales force

Empower your secret sales force

Most business owners I know would like to get more sales, so this week I interviewed Steve Catchick who helps firms unlock their secret sales force to improve their results. This episode also briefly explores empowerment, with tips on empowering your team, specially...

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