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Category: Introvert miscellany
A mixture of articles about introversion and introverts, relating to business and business improvements.
World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day

What is world introvert day? Jan 2nd is world #introvertday . A day to reflect on the skills of introverts in an extrovert designed culture. To celebrate, this article covers 4 key points: Why are introverts important in business? What are the skills that introverts...

Why are there more introverts now?

    In a networking meeting last week somebody said to me “why are there more introverts around now”, have you wondered that  too? Is introversion a new disease, or cool? “Why are there more introverts around now” implies something has changed. She went on...
Derivation of the word introvert

Derivation of the word introvert

OK, so we know what an introvert is (well, I hope we do – but see later). What interested me is where the word comes from (maybe that’s me being introverted and geeky?). I kept thinking intro (into) and vert (green), but I didn’t really think...

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