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The skills of facilitators are to include all relevant people in the conversation, help the group to learn from a discussion and to make the best decisions. Introverts can make very good facilitators, and in doing so get over some of the perceived weaknesses of being an introvert.

Facilitation and Introverts

Facilitation and Introverts

Helene Jewell and I discuss introverts and facilitation in this episode of the International Association of Facilitators podcast. Facilitating meetings for introverts These notes are taken from the sleeve from the podcast, which you can read at...
Stop brainstorming, start writing

Stop brainstorming, start writing

Sit and watch a group of people in a meeting, if there’s 4-5 people 1-2 normally do all the talking. In groups of 8 or 9, 2-3 normally do about 75% (or more) of the talking. Those who are talking are going to be the extroverts and the introverts don’t add...
Facilitation skills and introversion

Facilitation skills and introversion

In this week’s show I’m talking to Helen Jewell. Helene is a professional facilitator and she’s on the leadership team at the International Association of Facilitators for the UK. We will be talking about the skills of a facilitator and sharing some tips on how to be...
Facilitation skills and introversion

Drowning in social noise?

Is it only me who thinks that social media has become really NOISY since we went into #lockdown? This week’s episode explores some of the social noise and what an intropreneur might do to be heard above it. Many introverts don’t like lots of noise and...

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