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Tag: introvert superpowers

Did you know that introverts have superpowers? Introvert superpowers are those useful skills that introverts have which are often missing from teams and groups.

Can Introverts make good leaders?

Can Introverts make good leaders?

A common introvert myth is that introverts don’t make good leaders. Not only is it wrong, but many introverts make brilliant leaders. This article shares four points about introvert leaders you could learn from (whether introvert or extrovert) to become a better...
Does selling require charisma?

Does selling require charisma?

Do you need to be charismatic in order to improve sales, or does it help you sign up more or larger clients? Various people, particularly those who consider themselves as introverts, have told me they need more charisma to help them sell more, or better at influencing...
Handling difficult conversations more easily.

Handling difficult conversations more easily.

Chances are you can’t go through life without having any difficult conversations. Conversations you’d rather not have. Difficult conversations are by nature not nice, but are they worse for introverts? 66% of people feel stressed or anxious if they know a difficult...

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