What’s your favourite Christmas movie, any of these?

Last updated Dec 28, 2020 | Improving your work performance

What’s your favourite Christmas movie, any of these?

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Yep, those perennial, cheesy, Christmas movies. Which do you like the most and did you know my favourites all have a business theme too? It’s OK though, you don’t have to click any of the corny links to business, just enjoy the schmaltz, my confessions and the movie clips.

White Christmas..

Great movie, and I love this clip where there’s little surprise for Bing at the end. Big confession time – I love this film and won’t get ready for Christmas without it (and a large amount of mulled wine). One of my favourite parts is in this clip, where Bing suddenly gets a small and unexpected gift. Want the business tip that goes with this? Click here.

Muppet Christmas Carol

My Christmas never starts until I have watched the Muppets Christmas carol, it’s a tradition that started when my son was a lot younger! Now, I don’t feel Christmassy till I’ve had an afternoon laughing (and almost crying) at it. Now there’s an admission you don’t get every day! Go on, watch it and see…..Want the business tip, click here?

St Louis

I think Judy Garland’s voice is amazing and loved watching this clip. It reminds me that you can take a lot with you, but normally something has to stay behind. It’s great to look forward and create, but you need to believe in where you’re going. When did you last watch this one? Want the business tip, click here?

Miracle on 34th Street

OK, it’s a bit sugary, but isn’t that what Christmas movies are all about? To me this clip reminds me that you don’t have to believe in order to get results, but if you believe and put into practice – things get really good. Marvel at the cynicism in this girl’s voice. Want the business tip, click here?

The Grinch

It’s a film I have to watch in the run up to Christmas, always makes me smile (once I finished muttering about the over commercialisation the film shows so well). What’s not to love watching this clip? Want the business tip, click here?

Love Actually

This clip reminds me that you can’t always win, but retiring with grace is good. In business things change and your failed proposal today, can become your great success another time. Go on, watch it! It will make you smile and it’s probably the most romantic part of the film. Want the business tip, click here?

So, which is your favourite?

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