Have you ever put something off, like getting fitter? I’d been putting off my fitness training for for a while, largely because “I knew what I should be doing” and partly because I know I ought to do more. Then a simple conversation made me realise I needed to be fitter to enjoy my scuba diving more. That, almost insignificant conversation, made me get on with it. As a result of taking small steps and JFDI my recent dive trips have been so much better.

Business Development?

So, you know that you should be doing more work developing your business. What’s stopping you, “introverts don’t do that“?  I mean business development in its wider sense, not just “get more sales” which many people call business development so they don’t dirty themselves with the “sales” word. Nearly every business owner I meet already knows what they need to do in order to move their business closer to its goal – that’s what I mean by business development. What about you, is your business where you want it and are you doing all the things you should be?

I bet that there are two, maybe three, things you know that you ought to do and one which is top of the list. But…..you aren’t doing it. If that’s true, you’re like virtually every other business owner.


I love the phrase “Just Flipping Do It”. At times we all allow procrastination to creep into our daily work, I bet you see it in others. I’m sure you have “reasons” for not doing just yet; look at them for what they are.

If you don’t JFDI; things will not change. What are you doing this month that will move your firm towards where you want it to be? More importantly, what are you not doing?

What would help?

What will make you change? I am lucky to be a business coach for many introverted (and some non introverted) business owners, I’ve found that for some people to really JFDI they need:

  • Accountability: You know what to do, just need to know that you have to “own up” to somebody that you haven’t yet…. Could you set up an accountability partner, to help keep focus on strategic direction and promise?
  • A kick: Some people need to have somebody to give them a gentle nudge. Do you have somebody that can do this? That is a lot harder when you’re the boss! Can you ask a couple of people to gently remind you about different aspects of your role? If not, ask me!
  • Unclear problem: Very often the problem is a lack of clarity over what needs resolving or the best way to fix it. This can be especially problematic for detail oriented introverts, as it can feel more like fun to play in the detail rather than deal with the problem. Take the one little step challenge, rather than work out everything you need to do – take one little step in the right direction. Next month you can take one more step, rather than full on analysis paralysis.
  • Not thinking through it clearly enough: Some people use the excuse of needing to think it through more fully first. If that’s the case, what do you need to actually do that thinking?
  • No value: Some have thought about the goals, but not put a value on the business vision. That means it’s always easy to focus on today’s money, rather than tomorrows dreams. Try attaching a real value, so you see the cost of NOT doing it?

What’s this got to do with introverts?

Introvert scuba diving with a turtle

NOTHING – and everything. The steps in this article will (and do) help anybody. Introverts are not any more or less likely to falter on the way, but there may be things we’re more likely to put off – that phone call, that networking event, that meeting (click for ideas to help on each of these). What are you not tackling and really should?

Many introverts I’ve spoken to blame a lack of self confidence on their introversion. Lacking confidence is NOT an introvert problem, everybody suffers it from time to time. However if you are lacking self confidence at the moment it can stop you from doing some of the things you know you should. Click for self confidence tips

What about you, what will help you to Just Flipping DO IT?

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