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Have you ever thought about business growth, or asked yourself “how do I go about really growing my business”? Recently a business owner who wanted to grow her firm of 4 staff recently asked me just that.

She has a small, but successful, firm. She has the marketing working well (that’s how it’s grown this far), gets on well with clients and knows how to write a business plan. But, she never quite gets started, despite knowing what she needs to do! It’s a bit like those pesky New Year resolutions many people set!

I pressed her and she said:

“How do I get started on all this stuff, without everybody thinking I’m trying to change everything”

How about you, how often do you never quite get round to starting? More important, why not?

Really growing your business

If you know what to do, but you’re not making the changes you promise yourself, it’s time to think about why. There are four common reasons for not implementing the growth strategies business owners already know about.

  1. Fear of success: Do you feel guilty about successes you’ve had in the past (however small) as friends (or family) haven’t had the same success? Do you happily tell others about your accomplishments, or quietly change the subject? Many stereotypical reserved professionals in the UK nod at this point. Humility is good (I would say that, I’m an introvert), but is not the same as showing off. So, why don’t you tell people? Perhaps you’re afraid of changing yourself into one of those “successful” people you see, they’re brash, they show off and you really don’t want to be like that?
  2. Fear of what others think: Are you afraid of others thinking you’ve changed, or even worse worry that when you achieve success, you won’t be able to sustain it; leading people to say “told you so”
  3. There’s something better to do: Is it that there’s always something better to focus your time on? There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re happy. Don’t let others define your success for you. But equally, stop feeling bad that you business isn’t where you say you want it to be, if you’re choosing to do other worthwhile things instead (as long as they’re not about procrastination/ fear).
  4. Unsure it’s really worth it: Life’s OK at the moment, you’re paying the bills, family are happy, your team doesn’t cause too many problems and you’d have to work a lot harder to make it all happen?

Have your read about preventing procrastination?

Stop – what’s holding you back?

How strong are your resolutions? Which of those four most frequently dampens your resolve? Stop reading, think and be honest with yourself – this the first step to change.


what is
holding you back?

Making it happen

If you are suffering with any of those fears about really growing your firm, it’s time to STOP.

Look into yourself, take 20 minutes of quiet reflective time and write down your answers.

  • How will my friends and family react if I succeed?
  • How will my life change?
  • What’s the worst that could happen when I really grow my firm?
  • What’s the best that could happen?
  • Why do I feel that I don’t deserve to accomplish it?
  • How motivated am I to work toward this goal?
  • What am I currently doing to sabotage, or hurt, my own efforts?
  • What’s the best thing I can do to stop any self-sabotaging behaviours?

When we’re honest with ourselves we normally start to see one or two small things we could do to change. Don’t look for big grand actions, but small ones that you can start to put into place.

Changing things and growing your business doesn’t mean you destroy your integrity; success doesn’t have to change you – if you think about the things you want to keep the same.

But there is one important thing to do……….you do have to start.

How many business owners have you seen that never quite get started, despite knowing what to do –  why don’t they move on and what can you learn?

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Written by: Jon Baker

Jon Baker specialises in supporting businesses to improve productivity by understanding introversion.
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