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Ninja Networking book

Ninja Networking will help you get more business from business networking.

I believe the best results do’t always go to the loudest people! The big ideas in this book work well for people who get tired spending time with people and for people who don’t naturally enjoy crowded rooms.

Many extroverts have also enjoyed the book too! Get a free electronic copy by completing the form below, or click here to purchase the book on Amazon for £10 (as the author and an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).  

Brilliant book, clear, effective, practical, easy to read, and has a different perspective on the subject.”  Chris Ives, Regional Leader 4Networking

“Practical, direct, easy to read (I love that it tells me which bits I need to read). Most importantly it’s full of great ideas that work. Angie Phillips, ANG Creative Design.



Some more networking ideas, before you go

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Networking and introverts

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Introverts, networking and personal brand.

Introverts, networking and personal brand.

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