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Conversations are a natural part of any relationship and an important part of business life. Introverts are equally capable of holding, holding and profiting from conversations, as extroverts are. Introverts might need to think differently about their conversations to get the most from them.

Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Small talk hell and how to survive it.

Most introverts hate small talk, preferring deeper “more meaningful” conversations. Some introverts feel uncomfortable at the very thought of joining in with small talk, others avoid it. Here’s 8 tips to survive small talk hell, and why introverts don’t like it in the...
10 fears of introverts (and ideas to help)

10 fears of introverts (and ideas to help)

Being introverted is not something to worry about and it does not make you “less good” than extroverts you may know/ see/ hear about. Despite knowing that (in their head), many introverts worry about issues which they are able to deal with. Here’s ten fears of...
10 fears of introverts (and ideas to help)

How to engage an introverted person in conversation

If you’ve ever wanted to encourage introverts to join into conversations you may have found it hard. Perhaps you want the introvert in your team, to speak up more; perhaps you’re in a meeting and know the introvert has something great to say – but...

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