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Tag: Conversations

Conversations are a natural part of any relationship and an important part of business life. Introverts are equally capable of holding, holding and profiting from conversations, as extroverts are. Introverts might need to think differently about their conversations to get the most from them.

How can I get beyond small talk

How can I get beyond small talk

Small talk, even the phrase leaves me cold. Unfortunately it’s not only me, it leaves most introverts hate smalltalk too. But here’s the odd thing, there are extroverts who hate small talk too! Some people see it as a barrier to proper conversation and...
Misunderstanding introversion

Misunderstanding introversion

Why do so many people not understand introversion? This week’s episode of Activate your Introvert explores an aspect of introversion, that introverts can be loud and chatty. I interview Benn Abdy-Collins, a professional communicator to understand his...
Do you know an extrovert who hates smalltalk?

Do you know an extrovert who hates smalltalk?

Can an extrovert hate smalltalk? Of course they can! A like, or dislike, of smalltalk is not a defining point for introversion. Introverts typically dislike smalltalk and most extroverts enjoy smalltalk.  but I know extroverts who hate smalltalk. Do you? Does that...
Misunderstanding introversion

How to make phone calls easier for introverts

Many people (especially introverts) do not like making phone calls to get business, chase up payments, deal with outstanding issues or any number of business related matters. Is it an introvert issue,or more general? Is it procrastination due to the “fear”...

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